Our story begins, oddly enough, on the harbor in Hyannis, the ferry in Falmouth -- any place we could drop duffel and traffic our togs and tees. Bailed from the brig in Barnstable, we decided to go legit. Not as your typical tourorist T-shirt trap, but as something more literary. Thought provoking. Profitable.
Like the sandy spit that inspires us, Cape Odd is not just a place, but a state of mind. We are but writers in a derelict dune shack. Churning out bumper stickers.
Silk screen fumes have a peculiar way of altering one’s consciousness, leading us not only to Cape-related witticisms, but Soundings of Unfathomable Depth. Sayings so deep, we’re not even sure they’re funny.
Please pardon our appearance while we rebuild our online emporium. While we are presently probing for premises and a premise, our products are procurable for purchase through Cafe Press.
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